Wolmar Beach which is perfect for female solo travelers to Mauritius on a sunny day with gorgeous view

Reasons for solo female travel in Mauritius

If you are planning to tour Mauritius as a female solo traveler, you are most likely worried about several things such as your safety and the experience you are going to have as a single traveler. Well, worry no more because Mauritius has got you covered for most if not all of your solo traveling needs. Besides being a perfect holiday destination for honeymooners, Mauritius is also by default, designed for solo traveling. Read on to find out why Mauritius should be at the top of your list if you are traveling solo as a female.

Picturesque experience.

First things first, every woman dreams of taking bomb pictures whenever they go on vacation/holiday. Whether you are doing it for the gram or want to capture special moments during your stay, this island offers picturesque landscapes and beaches which will provide a classic backdrop for your pictures.

Friendly locals.

The native Mauritians are generally warm towards visitors and will be happy to assist you whenever you need any help. Besides, most locals speak fluent English, French and other indigenous languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Urdu, so the language barrier is entirely out of the question if you speak these languages. It will also be easier to make new friends here.

It’s safe.

While the mainland Mauritius might not be 100% safe for solo travelers, as is common in most populated places, there are other islands like Rodrigues, St Brandon, and Agalega which are less populated and have a sense of safety and privacy. However, if you like interacting with people and making new friends, mainland Mauritius is still quite a safe place as compared to most areas where you will be looking over your shoulders often. You can stroll along the sandy beaches in your favorite bikini without worrying about strange stares or getting mugged.

Easily available public transport

Bus transport is especially ideal if you don’t like being alone with a stranger in a taxi in a new place. There are commuter buses available which you can use to move around. However, if you like some privacy, car rentals and taxi services are also readily accessible.

Group excursions.

Most resorts or hotels organize and offer transfers for group tours so you can join one of these if you are scared of being alone.

Safe hiking.

This African island offers endless hiking trails for outdoor lovers, and you don’t have to worry about getting lost or hiring a tour guide (although this is highly recommended to get the best experience) because the trails are easy to follow.

Hiking trails such as Le Pouce Mountain, Tamarind Falls, Le Morne Brabant, and Lion Mountain offer the best hiking experience while giving you a chance to explore this pristine tropical island from a different angle.

We have Mauritius to thank for making it easier for females to travel alone. You are however advised that safety begins with you and you need to take precautions whenever necessary because security is not 100% guaranteed anywhere in the world.

Bonus tips.

  • Take travel insurance in case of anything.
  • Use Airbnb to save some coins.
  • Eat local food with your family.


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