Pros & cons of group adventure holidays in Mauritius


Mauritius is home to never-ending abundant tourist attractions that would be worth every while you spend there. However, why marvel at all this rich allure all by yourself when you can take a group tour?

Before everyone was traveling alone, group tours were all there was to touring new places. While group tours may sound exciting and full of adventure, there is always two sides to a coin. Whether you are with your friend of strangers, below are some of the pros and cons of group adventures in Mauritius.


Most friendships start on group tours. No, I just made that up. As uncommon as it may seem, some good friendships begin during group adventures where you get to meet new people to interact and share things. Even if you are a group that already know each other or a family, group tours are an opportunity to bond with each other.


With group tours, you get the benefit of convenience since everything is taken care of by the organizers; from the itinerary, bookings, meals and so on. Besides, the many accommodation facilities available in Mauritius makes it a breeze for group tours because group packages are affordable and readily accessible. Many resorts and hotels have group packages that include sight-seeing, transfers, and even hiking.


If you want to save a buck or two, group tours will collect you many coins. Most group packages are subsidized, and you end up paying much less than you would have if you were alone. As a group, you can take advantage of these packages, and you will still experience the magic that is Mauritius on so many levels. Transport also becomes cheaper as a group with the available car or van hires.

Why Mauritius is famous for group tours?

Being in Mauritius at any given time leaves you spoilt for choice as there are lots of places to visit as a group. From mountain climbing to hiking in Le Morne Brabant, diving in the deep waters of Belle Mare, private boat cruises and snorkeling in Ile aux Cerfs, swimming with dolphins at Black River, the possibilities are endless for group tours in Mauritius. As such, it is an ideal place to explore as a group.


The feeling of having nothing to worry about while on your tour is unmatched and this is the advantage that comes with group adventures. When everything is taken care of, you have the opportunity to soak in every single moment to give you a memorable experience in Mauritius.

Tour guides.

If you are an independent group, such as a family or a group of friends and you organized your tour by yourselves, hiring a tour guide will save you much time trying to figure out where to go or what to do where and when. Tour guides take care of all that for you at the same rates as guiding a single person. Again, you get to save those coins for better activities like shopping.


No spontaneity.

One of the perks of traveling is spontaneity. Whereas this is very much possible when traveling alone, with group adventures, there is little to nothing you can do that was not pre-planned. Everyone has to stick to the plan, no matter what!

Strict schedule.

You have to follow the group schedule, or you can be left behind. Consequently, you don’t have much time to spend alone or on your favorite spots. It is evident that the pros outweigh the cons, so you are much better off making the most of your group adventure while on it. Have fun, shall you?


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