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Kalimpong is one of the largest Sub-Divisions of India and has the distinct advantage of being centrally located and would require a minimum stay of 3 to 4 days to be covered.

Places to visit

Mac Farlen Church

Tsonga Gumba

Nature Interpretation Center

Zang Dhok Palri Phodang 1976

Lepcha Museum

The Pine View Nursery

Morgan House

Deolo Hill

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Places of Interest - 2

The Haat Bazaar
If you wish to see the true culture of Kalimpong, then a visit to the Haat bazaar is a must! Almost closing in on 80 years of existence, the Haat bazaar is a vibrant and an interesting showcase of people from different backgrounds, cultures all with the sole intention of making the maximum sales. The concept of the Haat is almost as old as our combined culture. Read More >>
Beni - Lovers meet Beni-the lovers point
This is the confluence of river Teesta and river Rangeet. The two rivers, according to local folklore are supposed to be lovers and Beni is their meeting or merging place that is why is it is also know as lovers point. On the 14th of January every year a large fair is held here. Beni is also now the Base from where River Rafting is done at the Teesta.
Mangal Dham
This beautifully constructed temple is one of the most splendid Hindu temples in Northern India. It belongs to the followers of Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma which was founded by the revered Nijanandaacharya Shri DevchandraJi Maharaj.

Church of Mother Mary

Church of Mother Mary
Located at relli road within the vicinity of The Missionaries of charity is the Church of Mother Mary. This place is a must visit, the reason being that the depictions of the Christianity in this church are all in an oriental or Tibetan fashion.


Kalimpong Golf Course Kalimpong Golf Course
Relli River Relli  Khola
Relli Khola (river) is a small river which joins the Teesta river about 7kms from Teesta bazaar.The river during the monsoon season is quite a swift one but during the dry season it dries down to a small stream.


RC Mintri Road
Another important place just on top of the Haat Bazaar is the R.C.Mintri Road. This was a place which served as a major transaction centre in the old days of the mule caravans coming from Tibet.


Dharmodyar Vihar/Krukuti house


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